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Ideas for Chronicles:

  1. Senara and her foal

  2. General goings on at the school

  3. The bullies (I have some text that I cut from the original for these three ideas. I’ll post it when I can.)

  4. Firework and gossiping… maybe a sort of Aesop’s Fable about the dangers of gossiping?

  5. Silver Mist and a global peace-keeping program (it is a loose end, but it sounds kind of boring, so don’t feel like you have to do this one!)

  6. Possibly, in the midst of other things, the hiring of the current teachers? (Caspian, Celaena, Liza, Azan) How they qualified, etc. Although remember, Celaena went through the school before she became a teacher. So we might also be introduced to different, original, teachers.

  7. Caspian’s story. We mention it, but not in great detail, so it might be helpful.

  8. Could y’all also maybe write one about the founder of HETA? We decided the history was that the school was all up the side of a hill/mountain thingy (maybe on one side, and there’s something creepy on the other side??). It used to be a prison, with dungeons deep in the mountain. If you want the layer door to already be there, then go right ahead. I put the school as 150 years old, but if you want to alter that feel free. We’re gonna need a new character (depending upon how old the horses get) to be the founder.

  9. Of course, the Layer Mischief collab could be turned into a Chronicle.

Any other ideas?

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We could do the story of Selia, Waterfall, and Mysteria, but that doesn’t take place in HETA.

Alana and Caspian end up developing a close friendship while Liza is away but we never fleshed it out.

Liza and Corvino’s story.

Rascal and Alia’s story. We kind of cover that entirely in the actual book though.

I’ve got a character who’s the daughter of the rainbow. We could do something with her and her sisters.

Those are the only things I can think of at the moment but I may come up with more later. I like your ideas (except maybe the peacekeeping program) I especially like the founder of HETA idea.

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Quick thought about Alana and Caspian: I don’t remember if that is in HETA now or not–I may have deleted that part. I love the “daughters of the rainbow” thing. Their parents should be horses representing/controlling the rain and the sun. ;)

Also, don’t forget Celaena and her six Pleiades sisters. Same type of idea, but their parents would be stars also (although, not necessarily–a hint of intrigue, maybe?).

I just remembered about the HETA document, and I have a little more time this semester, so I’ll try to continue editing.